Best Gift Ever.

My husband and I were gifted a carbles board for Christmas by my parents 6 years ago - since then we’ve fallen in love with the game and we’ve had so many friends that wanted it, I just had to figure out how to make them. I started with a drill press (my shoulder still hurts), then moved to routering them by hand, and now I let my CNC Router do the hard work for me!

Mike & I still insist our carbles board is the best gift we’ve ever received and now they’re one of my favorite things to make! These boards are hand painted and stained, covered in a thin gloss clear coat and laser engraved with any personalization of your choosing!

I can’t wait to hear about all the awesome memories that you make with your family and friends around your carbles board!

About our boards.

All boards are made standard with the center hole

Boards also come with one deck of cards as well as five of each color marbles (colors are selected randomly between grey, yellow, red, green, blue, light blue, white, black, orange, and mint)

For a cleaner look, the inside of the holes will be painted, but not around them (home block, starting circle, and safe home) unless requested otherwise - please note that requesting we paint around the holes may add some time for production as it can be a tedious process. 

Please leave any personalization requests in the order notes section when you check out! 

Board sizes are:

Travel - 12” (comes with smaller plastic marbles)

Travel+ - 15”

Family - 22”

Mega - 28”

Carbles pairs well with vengeance and chips & queso (speaking from experience, of course!)