We are Korleen + Marissa, the ladies of Custom Korations! What started as Korleen's hobby, quickly turned into a booming small, local business. Korleen then hired Marissa to run her social media, and well, one thing lead to another and a beautiful business partnership AND friendship was born. 

While we are both considered the creatives/visionaries behind the biz, we each enjoy/excel at some parts more than others, and it just so happens that they compliment each other beautifully and make our business shine! 

We have changed our business structure and will be running things a little differently, as well as offering new products, which we are so excited about!

We are thrilled about our decision to join forces and offer unique, affordable products not only our local communities, but to people around Minnesota (and beyond)!

Thank you for shopping small and supporting local!

Korleen + Marissa 


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