Custom Korations and my passion for crafting began with a humble start - a small Cricut cutter that required cartridges. At first, it was just a hobby, but things quickly grew as we began hosting tee parties and shipping out 100-300 shirts every week. It became evident that my small craft room could no longer contain the expanding business. Determined to create a space that could accommodate our growing operation, we built the she shed, which has proudly served as the home of Custom Korations for the past three years. This exciting journey took another significant step forward as we recently expanded into a new retail space in downtown Little Falls, conveniently located next door to Melgram Jewelers.

Our passion for creating knows no bounds - from crafting custom apparel to laser-engraved tumblers, we take pride in producing unique pieces, whether it's a one-off item or fulfilling orders in the hundreds. Our repertoire includes leather patch hats, coffee mugs, charcuterie boards, and many other personalized creations. We are thrilled to share our love for creating all the things with the community and look forward to the vibrant future of Custom Korations!

  • At Custom Korations, my husband plays an invaluable role in the success of my business. His unwavering support has been instrumental in helping me pursue my passion. From the very beginning, he has willingly aided in setting up our workspace, generously dedicating his time and energy. Not only does he lend his physical assistance, but he also provides me with his unbiased opinions and innovative ideas. I can always rely on him to patiently cut boards down and hang shelves, even when my design choices change multiple times.